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Security & Quality Assurance

Industry-Leading Quality and Security
Our ISO 28000:20007 Certified Security Management System (SMS) is incorporated into every element of what we do, including the management of our employees, processes, facilities, data (and that of our customers), as well as the employees, processes and facilities of our authorized representatives. The compliance department closely monitors and enforces our SMS, which includes:

• Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirements
• Customs and Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) requirements
• Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) requirements
• Company safety procedures
• Risk management procedures
• Company evacuation procedures
• Company business continuity plan

Our employees are extensively trained in the implementation of all our security processes, and our customers and authorized representatives are screened by our compliance department to assess their security status. Only companies that meet our security standards are approved to engage in business with us.

Our facilities are equipped with security features that meet Homeland Security standards to effectively create and sustain a secure environment. These features include:

• Perimeter security fencing with controlled access
• Cameras at all key entry and exit points
• Electronically controlled access entrances and exits
• CCTV monitoring 24/7
• DVR with up to 30 days of video data
• On-site security personnel
• Customer defined security enhancements can be implemented upon request