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Information Technology

State-of-the-Art Information Technology
Trans-Expedite is on the cutting edge of information management with systems and infrastructure that meet the highest industry standards.

The backbone of our IT infrastructure is an industry-leading, highly modular enterprise-class system that streamlines the operations, accounts and management of our Logistics and Warehouse Management System (WMS). Our system is global and supports all our services (transportation, warehouse, customs and accounting) under a single platform.

We have invested in information technology equipment, applications, and support to ensure a sustainable, properly managed network. We also employ a team of Microsoft Certified technicians who constantly monitor our network, manage support and aid in the setup of new satellite offices and special projects.

The results:
• Real-time information 24/7
• Access to robust capabilities that make your job easier
• Flexibility
• Convenience
• The highest levels of assured security and data integrity