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Building a Culture of Sustainability at Trans-Expedite

Bridging the distance among suppliers, production, and customers, the role of logistics addresses the critical mission of ensuring that products arrive in the right location at precisely the right time, while maintaining the integrity of items being transported. At
Trans-Expedite, we embrace that responsibility and add another dimension to our role: 

We recognize a unique opportunity to meet the exacting demands of our partners in a manner that:

• ensures long-term growth, 
• promotes a culture of developing our employees and our community, and 
• minimizes our impact on the environment

Sustainable Business Practices
Trans-Expedite recognizes that our performance is critical to our customers’ profitability and to ensuring the long-term health of the supply chain. Our mission statement:

To provide extraordinary customer service by developing personalized solutions to meet each customer’s unique needs in diverse markets. At all levels of our organization, we are committed to doing what’s right for our customers to foster long-term relationships

elevates that role to the forefront. Protection of assets under our care is an essential part of what we do. By ensuring strict access controls, conducting employee training, maintaining customer records, and screening cargo, Trans-Expedite is able to minimize in-transit times due to inspections while simultaneously decreasing the chance of compromised cargo. We meet or exceed security and cargo screening requirements to earn certification in several critical areas.

- Customs and Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT): all 
  employees trained

- Indirect Air Carrier Program (IAC): 64 employees trained
- Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP): 25 employees trained
- ISO 28000:2007 Supply Chain Security: all employees trained

Sustainable Employee and Community Health
Trans-Expedite could not fulfill its critical supply chain role without a robust workforce and the support of the neighboring communities. We pursue varied programs and initiatives to promote retention and foster good will with our neighbors.

A trained, efficient workforce is essential to our success. Logistics is a field that historically sees significant employee turnover; however, Trans-Expedite is able to successfully retain productive employees at a rate far exceeding the industry trend. In addition to a robust compensation and benefits package, we demonstrate commitment to our employees in the following programs:

- Accident and injury rates: incurring 4 reportable injuries in nearly
  375,000 labor-hours, we  recorded a .85 Experience Modifier for 2011
  (industry standard is 1.00, lower better)

- Working hours: averaging 4 hours of overtime per employee per week
  in 2012, Trans-Expedite is committed to staffing at a level to provide a
  healthy work-life balance

- Turnover: we maintained a 4.22% turnover rate in a field where 21% is

- Diversity: whether breaking the workforce into gender, age, or race
  demographics, Trans-Expedite is well-represented from senior
  management through the newest hire

Trans-Expedite’s stewardship extends beyond our own doors to the community at large. We support numerous initiatives in the west Texas area to sustain the areas where we work and live. Our efforts include volunteer hours, donation of services, blood drives, and financial donations.


Food Palette- West Texas Food Bank:
  Trans-Expedite led a food
  drive generating over
  $2,000 worth of food
  providing an excess of 500
  pounds of donations to
  those in need in 2011.

- San Juan Community
  Center: Employees donate
  candy each Halloween to
  help keep the kids safe and
  off the streets on Halloween
  night. Over 80 pounds were
  donated in 2011.

- United Blood Services: Trans-Expedite hosts two blood drives
  annually providing additional pints of invaluable life to local banks.


Alzheimer Association
- Alzheimer’s Association:
  The corporate office
  supports the association
  with a $5,000 cash
  donation each year. In
  addition, employees hold a
  raffle to generate additional
  donation funds. In 2012,
  the employee contribution
  added $5,315 to this worthy


- Paso Del Norte Children’s Development Center: In 2011 and 2012
  Trans-Expedite was a $1500 sponsor of the organization’s holiday
  event, Christmas Street, which benefits the children, served by Paso
  Del Norte Children’s Development Center. 

- Ojos de Dios: Trans-Expedite spearheaded a fundraiser for this
  orphanage for disabled children. In 2012, contributions included
  blankets, clothing, toys, and hygiene products. 


Ojos de Dios Ojos de Oro

Sustainable Environmental Practices
Trans-Expedite identified initiatives creating value within the corporation while decreasing the impact of the business on the environment. As a small business, we quickly realized any efforts to improve environmental sustainability must also contribute to improving efficiency and reducing costs. In 2012, we launched two environmental programs designed to meet those goals.

The first of these initiatives began in January 2012 and focused on paper suppression. Specifically, Trans-Expedite eliminated paper paychecks and tax statements and created a secure online portal enabling employees to view their documents as necessary at any time. Employees lauded this as a successful program for enabling easy access and reducing lost paychecks. Trans-Expedite realized direct annual savings of $6,513.20 while saving 468 pounds of paper. In addition to these savings, Trans-Expedite estimates a savings of $10,000 in administrative pay that could be reallocated to other tasks. Finally, distributing electronic documents in place of physical documents kept 468 pounds of paper from physical distribution by Federal Express and the United States Postal Service and reduced the carbon footprint of Trans-Expedite.

The second initiative focused on beginning a metric program to identify the greenhouse gasses produced by warehousing and shipping products for a major supplier. The goal of this program is to establish the baseline in 2012 and start identifying opportunities to reduce the impact Trans-Expedite has on the environment during 2013. We engaged the help of a firm that specializes in identifying improvement initiatives to aid with this effort. 

Sustainability Goals, Timeliness and Progress
While Trans-Expedite has only recently started the journey toward implementing more sustainable business practices, we now have enough experience in the area to accurately measure our current baselines and set challenging yet achievable goals for our path forward. The three main goals included in this CSR Report focus on our three largest opportunities for improvement. Specifically, those include our GHG emissions due to transport, our GHG emissions due to warehousing, and our physical waste stream.

Goal 1a: We will revamp our data collection process to enable more precise tracking of GHG emissions in our transportation processes. By implementing these measures, we will be able to use our own set of internal emission rates rather than relying on industry averages that don’t fully reward our efforts to improve aerodynamics or reduce fuel consumption. This process began in January 2013 with identifying consolidation of loads and will continue through the remainder of FY 2013. We completed our baseline quarter in Q3FY13 and will evaluate the results and revise as necessary in the future with our new tracking system to be in place by January 2014.

Goal 1b: Once the above (Goal 1a) baseline is in place and validated, we will begin to implement improvement plans to reduce GHG emissions at a rate greater than 1% per year with a goal of a 15% reduction by 2025.

Goal 2: In order to reduce GHG emissions from warehousing, Trans-Expedite is establishing our baseline in 2013. Due to varying electricity requirements in different seasons, it will be vital to record consumption across the entire year to provide a meaningful starting point. Concurrently, we are identifying best practices in sustainability currently being implemented by similar firms in similar environments. This outside benchmarking process will continue through September 2013. By December 2013, we will understand our current position relative to our peers in the industry and will begin identifying the highest impact projects and budget for implementation. By implementing improvements in 2014, we expect to reach a 5% reduction in warehousing GHG emissions by Q1FY18, or an annual reduction of 1%.

Goal 3: Trans-Expedite has a long-standing goal to reach a 25% reduction for waste recycling by Q1FY2018. To meet this target, we are evaluating Shred-it Recycling or like-minded companies to support the shredding and recycling of office documents. Thereby further reducing our landfill waste and provide a higher level of security to documents being disposed. We expect to select our recycling company partner by Q1FY14, establish our baseline in FY14, and reach a 25% reduction by FY18.

As Trans-Expedite continues to integrate sustainability in all aspects of our business, we expect to identify additional means to do our best for the people within and around our facilities while preserving the environment and our own viability as a corporation. We look forward to tackling those challenges with the same energy that has produced success for us to date, and will continue to call upon our workforce to identify initiatives for the team to rally around, driving a sustainable culture in all we do.