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Warehousing and Distribution Services

As you transport your goods, you also need cost-effective and time-sensitive solutions for storing, preparing and tracking items. This is why Trans-Expedite has developed a full range of warehousing services including:

Fixed-Cost Warehousing: With many locations across the U. S., our warehousing capabilities help you expand your footprint without having to invest in expensive infrastructure

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS): Located on-site in every warehouse facility we manage, our WMS can track and report on every aspect of your warehousing and distribution activities on a real-time basis with features and capabilities that include:

• Receipt, stocking, picking/packing and
EDI messages
• Bar coding and scanning capabilities
• Serial/lot tracking
• FIFO and LIFO capabilities —  or a combination of the two

• Full EDI connectivity with support for all
  800 and 900

• Ability to handle any unit of measure
• Automated web-based pull order

• Customized reporting 

3rd Party Logistics:   We provide an integrated operation with warehousing, distribution services, cross-docking, inventory management, packaging and transportation services that can be tailored to meet your needs based on market conditions and delivery requirements for your products and materials.

Vendor/Supplier Managed Inventory (VMI/SMI): Trans-Expedite has the systems and infrastructure to help you minimize costs and overhead in order to optimize your supply chain performance and maximize margins with strengths that include:

• Tighter supplier management
• Improved working capital
• Lower costs and inventories
• Disruption avoidance
• Real-time visibility and control reporting
• Reduced lead times
• Enhanced flexibility and responsiveness

(Available in both the United States and Mexico)

Your Logistics Your Single-Source Solution
At Trans-Expedite, we define ourselves by our service. If you have any questions about warehousing or any of your logistics needs, contact us at any time for a consultation. Once you see the savings and efficiencies, you’ll want to implement these solutions.

Putting Time on Your Side
Using robust processes, our state-of-the-art WMS and a team of experienced staff,
Trans-Expedite helped a large warehousing and order fulfillment operation achieve inventory accuracy, on-time order fulfillment, instant inventory visibility and static inventory reduction in only four months.